Camping Europe - Includes Scandinavia and Eastern Europe
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Editorial Reviews
"Camping Europe takes readers beyond the ordinary and opens up vistas that will enhance their visit. Her advice: bring a bike, look for out-of-the-way adventures, and rub elbows with Europeans. Sounds like a truly memorable experience. Essential for libraries."
–Library Journal
"Carol Mickelsen's Camping Europe is an impressive and 'user friendly' travel guide. Ideal for 'car-campers', this affordable and informative compendium offers a wealth of tips and techniques for traveling inexpensively..."
–Midwest Book Review
"She makes the traveling seem relaxed, fun, easy, and safe."
–Danish Tourist Board
Author's Note

For years I've struggled with camping guides and country campground lists from tourist offices. They commonly use only symbols for descriptions and include little information on how to drive to the campgrounds. I've also struggled with guidebooks that don't tell readers how to drive to points of interest. The goal in writing this book is to give readers the detailed information needed to experience Europe easily and affordably while car-camping.

–Carol Mickelsen

Take the Kids to Europe
Giving a little sip of travel to your children, grandchildren, or school/church-group can open up immense vistas, stimulate curiosity, and provide an appreciation of life beyond oneself. Travel changes people. It broadens their perspective of the world and their understanding of their place in it. Upon returning from travel, you’ll notice that thinking and problem-solving abilities are sharper and children will find schoolwork is more interesting.
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Over 300 Maps
Detailed Directions on how to DRIVE to campgrounds and major sights in 25 countries

CAR CAMPING is for travelers who want to:
• Travel inexpensively
• Go to out of the way places
• Share everyday
  experiences with the locals
• Have the freedom to go
  where they want
• Bring their bikes from home

Customer Reviews
"Campground lists usually just give an address. The book gave us detailed directions on how to drive to them. We would have a hard time finding them without the book."
"We found the things recommended in the book to do interesting and fun, particularly since there were driving directions on how to get to them."
"It was so cheap and fun to camp that we are going back to Europe next year."